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When Should I Change My Water Filters?

Posted on March 23, 2014

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Your Wyckomar UV water purification system is typically configured with 2 pre-filters before the UV disinfection chamber. The purpose of the filters is of course to remove particles that may interfere with the UV disinfection process.

As filters age, they accumulate more and more particles, and during this process the filter pores (tiny holes through which water can flow) become plugged with debris removed from the water stream and this is what causes lowered water pressure in the system.

It's easy to recognize low water pressure in your water system, it's most noticeable at the shower head when you realize that less water is coming out than before. It's at this time when it's best to change your filter cartridges.

There are lots of technical ways to determine when to change filters (such as differential pressures measured by gauges), however we have found the "shower test" the easiest and cheapest tool to use to answer the question "when should I change my filters"

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