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Do I Need a Surge Protector on My UV System?

Posted on June 26, 2014

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A surge protector is a simple device that you may connect to your UV system in order to protect it from the ups and downs of the electrical system.

We have all lived through temporary blackouts which can last from seconds to hours or longer. These can be caused by any number of things and we are all familiar with the relief that we feel when the power comes back on.

However the return of power to your home can be very hard on your electronics, especially when the power seems to flicker on and off quickly. As power returns to your home it does so with a bang - lots of "juice" coming in at once (like a garden hose going from zero flow to full flow in an instant). In order to prevent damage to your valuable electronics (including the ballast that operates your UV lamp) you should have these devices plugged into a surge protector (which is itself then plugged into the electrical outlet in the home).

A surge protector must be properly sized to be of any use at all. Often you'll see cheap power bars being sold as surge protectors but don't be fooled by a super-cheap price. In order to protect your UV system we suggest a surge protector rated at 3600 Joules (minimum). This is a rating of how much energy the surge protector can absorb as it protects your system.

You can get a proper surge protector at many of the big-box retailers - just be sure to check the package for a proper sized unit. When the power comes back on, your UV water system will be ready to work properly for you thanks to the use of a surge protector properly installed.

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