Model UV-5007X9 Ultra Violet Sterilizer

picture of the Wyckomar UV5007X6 Sterilizer


The UV-5007X9 System is an efficient and cost-effective sterilizer designed for the disinfection of drinking and/or process water in commercial and industrial use and is specifically designed for high flow rates and/or extreme UV Dose applications. The UV-5007X9 System contains an array of 63 low-pressure, high output UV lamps arrayed over 316L stainless steel reaction chambers. It is equipped with a control panel that has an integrated UV Monitor to monitor the UV light intensity in real time. The UV monitor will alarm if the UV system is not providing adequate UV disinfection. The system is mounted on a stainless steel skid for ease of installation and maintenance and various inlet/outlet configurations are available as options.

The UV-5007X9 sterilizer will purify the water from most common contaminants. Bacterial, viral and other pathogens are inactivated by a high intensity UV dose that kills harmful microorganisms such as E. coli and Giardia at a 99.99% kill rate or better. When used in extreme UV Dose mode, the UV-5007X9 will provide a much higher UV Dose than in standard mode.

  • Flow Rate: 2000 GPM / 7500 LPM

  • Chamber Material: 316L SS

  • UV Dose: 40 mJ/cm2 at 95% UVT,
    28 mJ/cm2 at 75% UVT

  • Monitoring System: Included

  • Plumbing: 5" Flange In/Out

Pathogens that are inactivated by this UV sterilizer:
Anthrax, Chlorella, Clostridium, Coxsackie, Cryptosporidium parvum, E. coli, Giardia lamblia, Hepatitis, Influenza, Legionella, Listeria, Micrococcus, Paramecium, Polio, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Shigella, Streptococcus, Toxoplasma, Vibrio cholerae
and many more. (See comprehensive UV Inactivation Chart)