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Nothing is more important than having safe drinking water at home. Wyckomar manufactures a full range of UV water treatment systems to treat all the water used in your home.


Commercial application of UV water treatment can be critical for your business. Wyckomar manufactures commercial UV systems including food service and hospitality, recreation and many other types of businesses needing absolutely safe water.


Industry requires pathogen-free water for any number of applications including manufacturing and processing. Wyckomar offers made in Canada UV solutions both off-the-shelf, and custom built for industrial water use.

Making drinking water safe is different from what we commonly think of as simple filtration. Where filtration involves physically removing contaminants such as rust and dirt from a water source, the UV process works by acting on unseen pathogens in the water, many of which can be harmful to health.

UV disinfection is the process of killing pathogens in the water supply. These include E. coli, Coliform, Influenza, Hepatitis, V. cholerae, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Legionella and many more. (See comprehensive UV Inactivation Chart.) UV is highly effective against all common bacterial, viral and cyst types of pathogen.

A UV system kills these pathogens instantly by exposing the water stream to a high intensity UV light, much like the sun. This process uses no chemicals and is completely neutral. After this brief exposure, no pathogens survive and the water is safe to drink.

When combined with proper filtration, the UV disinfection process will provide you with unlimited amounts of clean, safe and pathogen-free water for use throughout the entire home...