Wyckomar Water Treatment Systems Fully Integrated Solutions

Intergated Water Treatment

Wyckomar manufactures a series of integrated water treatment systems that may combine several water treatment technologies in order to provide the best solution for your water problem.

Integrated systems may be panel mounted with filtration and water conditioning options, while some systems may be mounted on a stainless steel floor skid to accommodate various high flow filtration tanks and other subsystems.

Turn-Key Systems

Integrated water treatment systems offer many options including real-time UV monitoring, electronic scale control and fail-safe operation in case of a power outage. We can build an integrated water treatment system specifically for your needs.

MD1003 System

8 GPM / 30 LPM

MD1003 System thumb

The MD-1003 System is a whole home system for up to 6 people and offers multiple filtration barriers and UV disinfection for high-quality water. Optional monitoring systems are available.


MD1004 System

12 GPM / 45 LPM

MD1004 System thumb

The MD-1004 System is a commercial grade water treatment system offering high flow rates and high-dose UV disinfection. Optional monitoring systems are available.


MD1006 System

30 GPM / 113 LPM

MD1006 System thumb

The MD-1006 System is designed for high flow rates of up to 30GPM (120LPM) and is made for commercial use. Optional monitoring systems are available.