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How Ultraviolet Water Purification Works

Wyckomar Ultraviolet (UV) Purifiers utilize the proven principle of ultraviolet light radiation to eliminate or reduce unacceptable levels of microorganisms in water and other liquids. Ultraviolet light energy destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae and other such contaminants, which are pathogenic to humans, animals and plants. Ultraviolet purification is a completely natural, non-chemical, environmentally safe technique, which adds nothing to, and removes nothing from the water (such as trace minerals).

Factors Affecting UV Purification

The Wyckomar UV Purifier is guaranteed to eliminate microbiological contamination only if the physical qualities of the influent water supply are as follows:

  • Turbidity (Suspended Solids): Turbidity must be < 1.0 NTU at the time of disinfection.
  • There must be a 5-micron or less sediment prefiltration system installed before the UV system.
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids): Should not exceed approximately 500 ppm.
  • Total Hardness (Sum of Calcium and Magnesium): Must be < 10 gpg (grains per gallon) of hardness, otherwise pretreatment is required.
  • Tannins & Colour: Must be < 2.0 ppm, or pretreatment is required.
  • Iron: Must be < 0.3 ppm.
  • Manganese: Must be < 0.05 ppm.

If your water quality parameters do not meet these criteria, please contact the manufacturer for pretreatment recommendations.

How Your Wyckomar Sterilizer Works

Untreated water enters the lower portion of the purification chamber and flows through the unit in an upward circular path. The spiraling movement assures the maximum irradiation of the fluid and helps prevent larger particles from blocking the treatment of microorganisms. The purification chamber contains the ultraviolet light-producing lamp. In operation, the lamp emits a bluish glow, which is visible in the view port window on the side of some units. WARNING: DO NOT LOOK AT THE UV LIGHT DIRECTLY. Looking through the view port is safe, since the glass disc in the view port filters out the UV rays. On systems equipped with a UV monitor, do not look at the UV light through the view port, as the quartz disc that is used in this case does not filter out the UV rays.

Important Considerations

Wyckomar purifiers are installed either at the main water supply line or at point of use.

The manufacturer's warranty is only applicable when prefiltered water is used. Prefilters (to 5 micron) remove sediment particles that can reduce the effectiveness of the UV lamp or potentially damage the unit. If a water softener, iron removal system or other treatment device is installed or planned for, your purifier should be located closest to the faucet.

Install your Wyckomar purifier indoors in a protected area. The temperature should not fall below 4 °C (40 °F). Avoid conditions with high humidity to prevent condensation on the purification chamber. Ideal temperature conditions range from 9 °C to 29 °C.

Wyckomar systems can be installed vertical or horizontal. Ensure that there is adequate clearance at the lamp end of the unit in order to safely remove the UV lamp from the chamber. Space required for clearance is at least the length of the UV chamber.

Carefully select the location for the UV system and any related components. Note the direction of water flow in the supply line to which the unit is being connected. Refer to the appropriate exploded view diagram for your unit and check to see that you have all the necessary fittings.

Turn off the main water supply valve. Fasten unit to wall, using the mounting clips ("pipe hangers") and screws provided. Press the UV chamber into the clips for a secure hold. Install new plumbing, making sure the In and Out ports on the filter set point in the direction of water flow. Installation of bypass and valves is recommended.

After installation of the plumbing is complete, install electrical components (surge suppressor and ballast, monitor if present) ABOVE the water line.

Maintenance Procedures

Ultraviolet Lamp Replacement

  • Unplug the purifier from the electrical outlet. Note: It is not necessary to turn off the water supply. Do not use water.
  • With the Allen key provided, loosen the two set screws that secure the top cap containing the electrical cord. Remove the cap and carefully set aside (it is attached to the ground wire).
  • Remove the lamp connector located at the cord end of the lamp by gently wiggling and pulling away from the lamp.
  • Carefully slide the UV lamp out of the quartz dome/sleeve and discard appropriately.
  • Insert the replacement lamp into the quartz dome/sleeve. Hold lamp at ceramic ends. Do not touch the lamp with your hands - fingerprints will prevent the system from working properly. If the lamp is touched, clean with an alcohol wipe.
  • Gently push the lamp connector against the pins at the end of the new lamp.
  • Make sure that all electrical components are dry before replacing the top cap. Secure the cap with the setscrews.
  • Plug in the power cord. The lamp should be operating at this time. To confirm that your new lamp is working correctly, check your model's light indicator on the ballast and, if present, check the view port.

Cleaning/Replacing the Quartz Dome or Sleeve

  • Turn off the water supply and open a faucet to depressurize the plumbing system. Unplug the purifier from the electrical outlet. Press the pressure-relief button on one of the filter housings. Horizontal mounted systems need to be drained by removing filter bowls. Have a bucket on hand.
  • With the Allen key provided, loosen the two set screws that secure the top cap containing the electrical cord. Remove the cap and carefully set aside (it is attached to the chamber with the ground wire).
  • Remove the white lamp pin connector from lamp end. Remove the UV lamp carefully from the UV unit.
  • Loosen and remove the sealing compression nut. Caution: Quartz dome/ sleeve may be stuck to the O-ring inside the retaining nut.
  • Carefully remove the quartz dome/sleeve from the UV chamber.
  • Wipe the quartz dome/sleeve with nonabrasive cleaner (e.g. CLR or Limeaway) and with an alcohol wipe being careful not to touch the dome/sleeve with your fingers. You may choose to lubricate the O-ring with food-grade silicon or plumber's grease (do not use oil based products, such as Vaseline). Slide the O-ring onto the dome/sleeve.
  • Using a clean cloth to hold the end of the replacement quartz dome/sleeve, guide it gently into the UV chamber and screw the sealing compression nut down until snug to secure seal. Hand-tight only, DO NOT USE TOOLS!
  • Insert the replacement lamp into the quartz dome/sleeve. Gently push the lamp pin connector against the pins at the end of the lamp.
  • Complete the reassembly of the UV purifier. Make sure that all electrical parts are dry before replacing the top cap and securing it with the setscrews.
  • Plug in the ballast, turn on the water supply and check for leaks.


Warranty Terms

Wyckomar Inc. warrants to the first purchaser of the UV unit that the UV reactor chamber will be free from faulty material and/or workmanship for a period of 5 years from date of purchase. Ballasts and UV Monitors carry a one year warranty and UV Lamps carry a one-year pro-rated warranty from date of purchase.

Wyckomar Inc.'s liability during the warranty period is limited to the repair and/or replacement of the part(s), under normal use. Shipping, handling and service costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. The defective part or unit must be returned to Wyckomar at the purchaser's expense.

The warranty is not transferable and is the only warranty authorized by Wyckomar Inc. Any other warranty or guarantee, implied or offered, will not be honored by Wyckomar Inc.

This warranty is void, if in the opinion of Wyckomar Inc. that the product failure was caused by misuse, abuse, accident or improper installation. Do not install systems out of doors (in the elements). All units are for indoor use only in a dry location

As a result of this warranty, Wyckomar Inc. is not responsible for any damages, injuries or losses whatsoever, including those incurred during installation, repair or replacement, as well as incidental or consequential damages.


For warranty service, please ship defective product, proof of purchase indicating date of purchase and a letter describing the problem


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