Wyckomar Water Treatment Systems Pre-Assembled

Wyckomar Pre-Assembled Systems

Pre-Assembled Water Treatment Systems

These pre-asembled factory tested systems from Wyckomar give you the best in performance and ease of installation all with the sleek look of a stainless steel panel.

Value-Added Systems

Pre-assembled systems are available using almost any UV model size and we can also customize the filter-set for you to address any specific filtration issues that may be a concern.

POU250 System

5 GPM / 15 LPM

POU250 System thumb

The POU250 System provides a dual filter set and powerful UV disinfection in a compact format.


POU700 System

8 GPM / 30 LPM

POU700 System thumb

The POU700 System is the panel mounted version of our most popular UV system of all time


POU600 System

1 GPM / 4 LPM

POU600 System thumb

The POU600 is a customizable full featured UV and filtration system that is targeted at laboratory and related applications